Erik was born in New York City and raised in Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, and Connecticut. He was brought up with a deep appreciation and education in the arts and history. Erik comes from a long line of artists on both his mother and father’s sides of the family- illustrators, painters, and sculptors. His great, great-grandfather Wilhelm Kyhn was a nationally cherished painter in his native Denmark. With encouragement from Erik’s father, he began drawing, studying studio arts and constructing historical scale models and vignettes at age seven. He’s kept up his passion for pencil drawing all throughout his life.

At 15, His direction dramatically expanded when his parents bought he and his younger brother Kristian an 8mm video camera for Christmas. So when just a freshman in high school he was making and starring in his own self-indulgent home movies he developed with Kristian. They started by shooting fake fight scenes which went something like this: set the camera up on a tripod, press record, and pretend to knock the shit out of each other for ten minutes. The brothers derived great pleasure and hilarity then from watching over and over what they had videotaped. Over time it evolved to actually writing a story and changing the position of the camera. So most of these early ‘projects’ were horribly derivative combat and fight scene movies. Later, many hapless friends were forced to act in them. However, by late high school the lads, their storytelling and narrative abilities did mature. The brothers were asked to shoot their high school recruitment video. By Erik’s senior year he and Kristian had made an hour-long Vietnam War drama, something they were very proud of. The ‘Davies & Davies’ Productions entertained countless friends and family members- usually several times over, often against their will. But a bit of the later work has stood the test of time. As Kristian put it, “Growing up, we were each other’s biggest fans.” The brothers kept up the collaborations throughout much of the college years, shooting a short narrative whenever the time allowed them.

At Ithaca College Erik designed his own course curriculum, an independent double-major encompassing speech communication, writing, studio arts and cinema. Erik moved to New York after college working as a production assistant for film & television. The jobs ran as prestigious as a Woody Allen film to a mop infomercial. About this time came the head-long plunge into acting as a profession…

A friend introduced Erik to the Deena Levy Theatre Studio to which he dedicated years of work and study. Deena Levy was a truly awe-inspiring and brilliant teacher, a graduate of the revolutionary Experimental Theater Wing at New York University. Channing Tatum, Julianna Margulies, Kim Dickens, Mark Valley, and Rachel Nichols are among her alumni. During his time in New York Erik additionally had the privilege of learning from such great teachers of technique as Cynthia Eisemann, Andrea Haring and Beth-Ann Cole. Erik earned his first lead in an independent feature portraying ‘Daz’ in Special Breakfast Eggroll opposite Bree Turner. He portrayed the co-starring role of “Oleg” the smack dealer on NBC’s special cross-over episode of ER and Third Watch (earning him his SAG card). While undoubtedly his core training and development were rooted in New York, it wasn’t until relocating to Los Angeles that his work began to flourish.

Having narrated a couple of audiobooks in New York, he presently counts 40 titles to his credit. Tennis champion Andre Agassi selected Erik to narrate his autobiography, Open, that later went on to win Erik’s first AudioFile Earphones Award. That same year a quirky and unique coming-of-age story called Going Bovine earned Erik an Audie Award nomination for his narration.

In the process of trying to earn an audition for Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers (a years-long goal and drive), he created a WWII short film with long time collaborator & brother Kristian. This effort was the impetus for the brothers to write, produce and take all the way to distribution their most ambitious work to date, their feature comedy High Society: A Pot Boiler. Distributed by Indie Rights Inc., the film can be seen on multiple online platforms and the PS3 Network among others. Cable TV and international distribution is in the works.

Erik would like to mention Craig Wallace, an exceptional teacher and human being, who he has been working with over a year. He feels very fortunate to have found such a man, one who defines and breaks down the craft, the business, and the life with such humanity and care, that it is a gift to be his student and friend.

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